My Approach

Nothing beats good copy. From iconic slogans like "Just Do It" to everyday email communications with your customers, words are powerful and shape how people view your brand.

That's why no matter the project or content type, I make sure that your copy reflects your brand's voice and is written for humans, not just an algorithm. I take the time to get to know your business and write compelling copy that resonates with your audience.

A Slice of My Life

My journey as a writer began many, many years ago when I first learned to pick up a pen. By age six, I was typing stories and saving them to floppy disks just for fun. While other (more normal) kids ran around outside, I liked to plop myself down at a desk and get to work on my "next big" novel. 

Safe to say I've come a long way since then. After a stint in broadcast journalism and 6+ years in content marketing, I've learned to write for many different industries, formats, and audiences outside of myself. 

Today, I admire writing most for its versatility. The best writers, I've found, can create content that transcends any genre and industry. My goal as a professional writer is to be the person you can trust with a variety of projects—and a writer who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

My Favorite Quote

"Precision of Language"

- The Giver

My Favorite Book

My Secret Addiction(s)

Reality TV Shows

and bubble tea